We just discovered some strange inconsistencies in disk space usage reporting on one of our OES 11.2 NSS volumes. It appears to me that disk space usage is not consistently being reported accurately.

One user, a student, has about 20 GB of files in his user folder, as visible from a Windows workstation with the Novell Client. However, he has a user quota of only 400 MB on that volume, so it should be impossible for him to store that much data. However, only about 150 MB of his actual space is being counted against him, as seen in User Quotas in iManager. When I run the Disk Usage Analyzer from the Linux gui, it only shows about 150 MB in the user folder, the same as is being reported in User Quotas. When I use the Linux file browser, it correctly reports 20 GB.

Some of the files in the user folder are abnormally large, JPG's that are around 250 MB and larger. No photo editor will open the large files, so I suspect that they are corrupt.

I am tempted to run a repair on the NSS pool, but I am a bit nervous about doing so, and I don't know if a repair can fix this type of problem.

Any advice?

Rick P
Walla Walla Public Schools