Hy there!
I have a Groupwise 2014 server with configured Domain, MTA and PO
Now, I try to create a users by making POST calls to https://groupwiseServer:9710/gwadmin...ces/MyPO/users with properies and passwords in xml body.
Request's response is 201 (Created), and getting https://groupwiseServer:9710/gwadmin...ces/MyPO/users return list of all users including new ones.

But these users cannot login at http://groupwiseServer/gw/webAcc , because of '[951F] The username or password you entered is incorrect' error.
And also, when I try to login with this user vis SOAP I get another error - 'User not on post office' code 53505.
Everything looks like users was not created at server, but I see all of them via Administrator console located in MyPO postoffice.

What I did wrong? Or what I should configire?
Any ideas appreciated!