NetIQ Identity Manager Service Pack 2 - Designer 4.5.2

> Enhancements for Designer
> This service pack provides the following improvements for Identity
> Manager Designer:
> Java 8 Support:
> Designer has been updated to support Java Development Kit 8 (jdk8u60)
> or Java Runtime Environment 8 (jre8u60).
> Support for Eclipse 4.4.1
> Designer has been updated to run on Eclipse 4.4.1.
> Support for Drivers
> Designer now supports the creation and configuration of the following
> drivers:
> Multi-Domain Active Directory Driver
> Multi Domain Active Directory Driver, which supports provisioning of
> multiple domains in an Active Directory forest. This driver also
> supports Global, Local and Universal groups within the same forest. The
> driver simplifies the overall deployment and integration of the entire
> Active Directory forest with your Identity Manager solution.
> If you already have the NetIQ Active Directory driver, you can
> continue using it for most of the Identity Manager deployment scenarios.
> You would use the Multi-Domain Active Directory driver to enable your
> enterprise with multiple domain support.
> For more information about creating and configuring this driver, see
> the NetIQ Multi-Domain Active Directory Driver Implementation Guide at
> REST Driver
> REST (Representational State Transfer) is an HTTP-based protocol used
> for Internet communication. The Identity Manager driver for REST enables
> identity provisioning and data synchronization between an Identity Vault
> and any RESTful service.
> For more information about creating and configuring this driver, see
> the NetIQ REST Driver Implementation Guide at
> Fixes Found in this Patch
> Bug 939458: Ability to Deploy a Linked Schema Mapping Policy for a
> Driverset
> This service pack resolves an issue where you cannot view or deploy a
> schema mapping policy that you created and linked to a driver.
> Bug 926807: Designer Can Open a Project that has been Renamed
> This service pack resolves an issue where Designer might fail to open a
> project that you have renamed. For example, you changed the project name
> from TestProj1.proj to Test Project 1.proj, then Designer did not open
> the project.
> Bug 891741: Designer Provides Status of SVN Cleanup Tasks
> Issue: When you run an SVN cleanup during a runtime job, Designer does
> not provide a message when the clean up tasks are completed or whether
> the clean up failed. Instead, you must check the Error Log.
> Fix: Designer provides a notification bar to indicate the status of the
> SVN cleanup job The notification disappears when the job completes
> without errors.
> Bug 902005: Allows You to Open a Designer 4.0.2 Project with Affecting
> the Layout
> Issue: When you open a Designer 4.0.2 project in Designer 4.5.x,
> Designer provides an option to migrate the linkages. If you select Yes,
> then Designer rearranges the driver layout in the Modeler view. This
> issue occurs because Designer 4.5.x reads the project object first,
> which prevents it from gathering information about the layout in the
> Modeler view.
> Fix: When you opt to migrate linkages, Designer now opens the Modeler
> first, then gets the project object from the active editor.
> Bug 891720: Designer Helps Resolve a Conflict in Driver Status between
> Designer and the Identity Manager Engine
> Issue: When you attempt to deploy or reconcile a driver that is disabled
> in Designer but enabled (auto or manual) and running on the Identity
> Manager engine server, Designer fails to notify you of the issue or to
> provide you a method for resolving the conflict.
> Fix: When this type of conflict occurs, Designer now displays a message
> that provides the following options:
> Stop the running driver where Designer stops the driver and marks
> it as disabled
> Keep the driver running where Designer does not deploy the
> disabled setting for the driver
> Resolves an Issue with Erroneous PRDs in the User Application
> Driver
> Bug 921253: This service pack resolves an issue where the User
> Application driver contains erroneous provisioning request definitions
> (PRDs). This issue occurred when you created a custom package for the
> driver then uninstalled that custom package. During uninstallation,
> Designer failed to remove the PRD objects associated with the custom
> package.

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