Might sound like an odd question, but in in a federated scenario (OSP with SAML) it isn't; is it possible to remove the logout
option from landing, dash, IDMProv etc.?

My experience in a federated scenario is that whatever you do the end user will be annoyed. Since session info (cookies) is
shared between tabs and windows the user will probably end up in a situation where he or she is in a fuzzy world where some
session info is expired/killed and some is still valid which will make it impossible to log in again without first closing all
windows (or manually delete cookies).

Even if I will manage to get a logout URL that will kill enough to let the user log in again I've probably introduced another
problem... Other applications federated with the same IDP will start complaining because their sessions isn't valid any more.

One solution would be javascript:windows.close() as the *only* logout url but I haven’t' found any (supported) way to change the
logout URL?

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