Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows exactly what specific steps are required to have the Novell Client automatically login to AD in addition to eDir when Zenworks is also installed?
The goal is to automatically have users gain access to file shares (user based NTFS rights) on a Windows domain while maintaining everything else through eDir/ZCM when they log in.

What I have so far:
Both eDir and AD with the same usernames and passwords (synced via IDM).
Client machine with Windows 7, Novell Client and ZCM, 11 authenticating to eDir.
Client machine joined to AD.

The problem I have is that the Novell client or Zenworks client (I think) refuses AD-logon and instead performs a Windows only logon no matter what parameters I set on the Novell Client (tried configuring on logon screen/registry/network adapter settings).
Specifically I can see that the registry value [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell\Login\Profiles\ Users\"username"\Default\Tab3\Windows Domain] is always overwritten with the local computer name.

If I uninstall Zenworks from the machine I am able to get it to work for some reason (bort Novell and AD shares can be instantly accessed without manually providing credentials again.

I can see both these keys having the value "1" while logging in with Zenworks installed, which I think is weird:

The user I am testing with has a non-volatile Dynamic Local User Policy applied through ZCM (which also make the account a member of the Local Administrators group) so the account is not recreated on every login via Zenworks.

Any ideas what I might be missing?