Good Morning Guru's of IDM,

I've just completed the update from 4.0.1 to 4.5.

When I do a driver compare with Designer I get a bunch of mismatches
saying DirXML - pkgLinkages.

From what I've been able to gleam on the subject, these are new
attributes added since 4.0.1 which adds a 'weight' to the driver
commands. I'm guessing so commands are ran in a logical sequence. I
have also read that default weights added by the 'Migrate linkage' tool
could 'break' the driver when synchronized.

My questions are;

Should I sync these new attrs to eDir?
Is there a best practices somewhere on setting or modifying these
weights? (Hate to deploy these and not be able to fix it on the off
chance it breaks.)

Appreciate any suggestions you can provide.

As Always thank you for all you do.


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