Today I came to the point, when I wanted to deploy new released
Multi-Domain Active Directory (MDAD) Driver.

We had a little delay between IDM 4.5 SP2 Designer release (that
"included" MDAD icon in the pallet), IDM 4.5 SP2 engine/RL (that include
required components for MDAD) and driver package itself.
Next day after SP2 release MDAD package was published and we was able to
review driver code.

Today I found that patched .Net Remote Loader able to see non-existed
shim dll (!). > "I see dead people"
> The Sixth Sense


When I started look around for missed MDAD shim dll (and other MDAD RL
components), I found that ** still not

It is looks like this part of the driver somehow was fall through the


|Filename: mdad-rl3.png |
|Download: |

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