I have an AD with flat structure, meaning all users are placed in the
same OU.

Since alot of people have the same names, there are name clashes. So, I
call name the objects like so: GivenName Surname (loginID), for example:
Morgan Freeman (mofree). I have made an attribute in IDV that I use for
this. So when creating users in AD form IDV, I map that attribute to
displayname in AD. That means the user object itself, CN and so on has
this attribute and the problem is solved. Except I would like the
displayname to only be GivenName Surname, since that is what is shown in
Exchange when an email in received from this user. But, since the AD
driver, out of the box is set up this way, I can't just change the
displayname, that would result in an object rename, and not just the
displayname being changed.

How would I go about this in the best way?

Thanks in advance,


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