I am installing CG Server version 4.1.1 on RHEL 6.5. After installing
the novell-SentinelSI-db package the install hangs for 5 minutes and
then gives the error:

Creation of the user "appuser" failed and, therefore, Security
Intelligence and Netflow Analysis will not work.
This could be the result of an old installation that was not completely
removed. After the current installation completes, run:
"opt/novell/sentinel/setup/uninstall-sentinel" to cleanup the old
installation. After cleanup, re-run the installer.

It then repeats this error exactly but with "dbauser" in place of
"appuser". It did this the first time I attempted an install on a newly
built server, so there was no existing installation. I did the
uninstall anyway and tried a re-install with the same result.

Any ideas?

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