Welcome to the State/Provincial Government discussion forum. This is just the start. Everything is flexible. I'd like your help to make this discussion area what you want it to be. Here are some items to consider and start the discussion:

* During voting, some expressed a desire to keep it open to the public. Do you want it to be? Should people sign a non disclosure agreement to gain access so discussion can happen freely without worrying about someone posting your confidential discussion and information elsewhere?
* How do you want this community managed? Should it have forum moderators? Should there be a "healthcare" board to manage the community or should everyone be on equal footing?
* Do you want multiple forums?
* Should there be rules for participation such as forbidden topics?
* What else? What's your vision for this endeavor?


* You can subscribe to this forum to get notifications of new messages/discussions if you want so you don't have to check in regularly to keep up.
* This is hosted on the current Novell forum site because this site will become the home for all Micro Focus product discussions in the future.

Let me introduce myself. I'm Kim Groneman, and have been over our community effort since CompuServe days (Anyone remember NetWire?) I live in Utah, near Provo, and thoroughly enjoy working with "community". I started work for Novell in 1991 after a stint working for the U.S. Government. I'm an old man now (60) and have 5 kids, 13 grandkids.

Ok, time for questions, comments, and cusswords. I don't know government, you do, so take this clay and mold something.