I am trying to set the Alias attribute for users on Office 365 via the
IDM driver. The attribute is ignored with the message "Invalid
Attribute Sync: Alias". So I went back to the documentation which says
that the Alias is an attribute of MailUser and that I should set the
"MsolUserType" to "MailUser" during the Add operation in order for the
attribute to sync. So I did this, but then it creates the user with
Powershell cmdlet "New-MailUser" instead (and not New-MsolUser) and it
fails anyway, because the password is too weak (it did not fail before,
because New-MsolUser understand the "StrongPasswordRequired"=False
attribute also being sent, but which is being ignored by New-MailUser).
Does anybody know how to set any of these extra attributes particularly

I have version of the Office 365 driver.

Steve Tennant

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