We have set up an Office 365 driver to synchronize users with/without
mailboxes and distribution groups from NIM to Office 365.
Creation is working fine but I have some issues with attributes
- I am not able to synchronize Exchange attributes in a 'add' operation.
Adding attributes to the filter and mapping does not work. I tried with
powershell command, it works on modify operations but not on add
operations because the driver tries to set the attributes before
creating the mailbox.
- The second problem is about multivalued attributes like Alternate
EMail Addresses for users and EMail Address for groups. The driver takes
into account only one value.
Here is an extract of the logs http://pastebin.com/jWcrmZs8

The documentation is talking about support of new attributes mapping in
the last version of the driver http://tinyurl.com/ndb3wc3
I tried to map some of these attributes on the MSolUser class but the
driver returns an error saying that the attribute is invalid.


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