I have an issue with license assignment on Office 365 driver.

I want to disable sharepoint service so I've added a custom license on
the subscriber options. I named it sharepointoff and in service name to
I deployed my configuration and restarted the driver. In the RL logs I
can see this:
DirXML: [10/20/15 16:42:51.703]: TRACE: SUB: Creating Custom Licenses
DirXML: [10/20/15 16:42:51.703]: TRACE: SUB: get-pssession
DirXML: [10/20/15 16:42:51.703]: TRACE: SUB: Get-MSolAccountSku
DirXML: [10/20/15 16:42:52.140]: TRACE: SUB: get-pssession
DirXML: [10/20/15 16:42:52.140]: TRACE: SUB:
$xxx_ENTERPRISEPACK_sharepointoff=New-MSolLicenseOptions -AccountSkuId
DirXML: [10/20/15 16:42:52.172]: TRACE: SUB: Created custom license for
Office365 - xxx:ENTERPRISEPACK(sharepointoff)
DirXML: [10/20/15 16:42:52.172]: TRACE: Remote Loader:
SubscriptionShim.init() returned:

Full trace here: http://pastebin.com/LE540AAA

I did an entitlement refresh on my License entitlement (assigned through
entitlement policy) and selected the value of my custom license
"xxx:ENTERPRISEPACK(sharepointoff)" from the list of returned results.
Then I deployed the entitlement policy.

I created a user, the user has been granted the license entitlement with
the value "xxx:ENTERPRISEPACK(sharepointoff)" but the Offfice 365 driver
failed to set the license:

DirXML: [10/20/15 16:56:11.877]: TRACE: SUB: get-pssession
DirXML: [10/20/15 16:56:11.892]: TRACE: : New-MSolUser -Fax
'01234567892' -FirstName 'test5' -UserPrincipalName
'010-tstusr@xxx.onmicrosoft.com' -LastName '010-tstusr' -DisplayName
'test5 010-tstusr' -UsageLocation 'FR' -BlockCredential $False
-ImmutableId '1ATVvs3zykqXmbiZR54mfw=='
DirXML: [10/20/15 16:56:13.611]: TRACE: SUB: get-pssession
DirXML: [10/20/15 16:56:13.611]: TRACE: : Set-MSolUserLicense
-UserPrincipalName '010-tstusr@xxx.onmicrosoft.com' -AddLicenses
'xxx:ENTERPRISEPACK' -LicenseOptions $xxx_ENTERPRISEPACK_sharepointoff

DirXML: [10/20/15 16:56:14.095]: TRACE: : Unable to assign this
DirXML: [10/20/15 16:56:14.095]: TRACE: Remote Loader:
SubscriptionShim.execute() returned:
DirXML: [10/20/15 16:56:14.095]: TRACE:
<nds dtdversion="3.5">
<product instance="\xxx-TREE\system\xxxDriverSet\MSOffice365"
version="" build="201509020127">Identity Manager Driver for
Microsoft Office365</product>
<contact>NetIQ, Corporation.</contact>
<status level="error"
type="driver-general"> Unable to assign this license.</status>

More logs here: http://pastebin.com/0bPvyiL5

Thanks in advance

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