Hi All,

We have a requirement to create a custom page through the user
application, the contents of the page has to change based on the user
Locale. With used the "HTML Editor Portlet" Content in the cutom page.
The Title remains in English even when the user Locale is changed to
another language. And we do not find an option to customize the Title to
another language.

We found a option to Register New Portlet Instance under the HTML Editor
Portlet (UserApp->Adminstration->Portlet Admin->IDMProv->HTML Editor
Portlet). This when used with the Title value set based on the title
Setting Name (i.e. Portugese title set for Setting Name Portugese)
instead of the default HTML Editor Portlet gives us the desired results.
But we are concerned if this will be the right approach as this is an
addition in the deafult IDM Prov. Will the changes be affected on a
patch upgrade ? What could be the possible vulnerabilities ?

Thanks in advance,

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