We are using Zenworks 11.2.4 and have perhaps 40 users who have Remote Mgmt rights through ZCC via browser (usually IE8 or IE11). We do not separately run the remote-control viewer.

We have an AD group (with AD as our only authentication for Zenworks) "rolWksRemoteControl" and all the existing users get rights assigned by being added to this group. This group is associated with our ZCC role "RemoteControl" which has all available remote mgmt rights allowed, for the zone "Workstations" (e.g. all workstations but not servers.) All our remote control is rights-based.

We have a Remote Mgmt policy applied to all workstations; the box for password-based authentication is UNchecked.

All of our designated users have no problems, except one new employee. He is assigned to the same group that gives remote mgmt rights to everyone else. I've checked to see if any other groups are required, and see none. He has a new install of the remote mgmt add-in since he has a new system; he's tried with IE11 and Chrome both.

When the remote mgmt box comes up, it is set to "password" for authentication, and greyed out so he can't set it to "rights". This of course keeps him from being able to successfully connect to any workstations for remote mgmt.

I can't see what's missing. Everyone else gets "rights" and I don't see anywhere that "password" auth is enabled, no less locked down.

Is there something obvious that I'm missing that is needed to enable him to set the viewer to authenticate with "rights"?