At the moment we are running Novell Data Synchronizer Version 1.2.5 (Build: 299) without any problems, but some time ago we installed a new server with Groupwise Mobility Services Version: 2.1.0 (Build: 230). We are running Groupwise Server 2012 SP3 HP1.

When going in testing mode, everything looked ok and all devices (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) seem to sync flowless.
Unfortunately we discovered a problem with all our iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices with iOS 9.1, as where the contact sync from Groupwise to the iOS devices is broken when the first sync has finished. Contacts from the iPhone 6 are being synced to Groupwise, but changed or new contacts from Groupwise are not appearing on the iPhone 6.
We also tested the syncing of contacts on an iPhone 5 (ios 8.3) and the syncing of contacts is working flowless both ways.

So it looks like there are some sync issues between the iPhone 6 / iOS9.1 and GMS2.1. At the moment we are not sure if this is an issue related to iOS9 or if this is an issue related to GMS2.1.

Please let me know if more people are experiencing the same problem or might have a solution to fix this issue.