Hi there!

We currently have a calendar booking request we cannot solve and the scenario is as follows:

A manager have his calendar and sent out proxy permission to his team so they can see when he is available.
This manager would also like to book a private session that shows up in the calendar as "Busy" but others should not be able to see why, so basically a blank slot in the calendar so he/she cannot be booked.

We already presented a workaround to people saying you can create a new calendar and use that as a "public" one and use the core calander as a private but not only did they find this unacceptable, the headline of the private booking shows up when you search for times to book in the details panel.

We noticed that not only is there options to "Hide" the booking that does nothing if proxy is permitted but also a "classified" dropdown to select anything from "Private" to "Top secret" that also does nothing.

Are we missing something or is this simply not possible?

Kind regards