Sentinel 7.3.1.

So basically the whole question is in the subject. I have SAM running,
all on one windows 2012r2 server, and of course it's also an Agent.

Thanks to this forum (not so much to the docs, I would be hopelessly
stuck with the docs alone as in terms of database authentication they're
just flat wrong, as is stated here), I also managed to connect the
Sentinel Core (appliance) to the database, so in the webui under Agent
Manager I have a working connection and see one central server and one
Agent Manager Windows Agent on the central server itself, which should
be ok for now.

But I don't see that Agent/Server anywhere else in Sentinel, especially
not in ESM. And quite frankly, the docs are severely lacking in that
area, they almost sound as if SAM and Sentinel are two entirely seperate
products, as there seems to be zero documentation on finally connecting
the two, actually, the SAM docs don't even seem to mention the sentinel
server at all.

Like e.g which Collector and Connector (if any) are they supposed to
use? How to troubleshoot when an Agent doesn't show up in Sentinel?

Massimo Rosen
Novell Knowledge Partner
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