I have an issue in Designer when editing a policy.
It goes like this:
Open the policy to edit, and add some token text to a local variable.
Change to XML Source - look for the change - and it is not there.
Change over to XML Tree, the new token text is there.

Ok, figure I need to save before switching tabs, no difference. In XML
Source tab it just doesn't appear.

Save and close the policy.

Open the policy. Verify that the token text are in place. Switch over to
XML Source - not there. WTF.
Adding some <arg-strings> in the XML Source. save. Switch over to Policy
Builder - It doesn't show up. WTF.
Looking in XML Tree - stuff added with policy builder shows - not the
stuff added in XML Source.

Is this only me? Forehead are getting flat and my desk are in pain.

Running on win7 btw


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