Hi everyone,
we recently installed the zenworks configuration management 11.4 appliance (with extended evaluation keys) at a customer's. Next to some discussing and explaining, we setup the user source, created a test bundle and installed the adaptive agent to a "windows test device" to install that bundle and show the inventory scan. Although we didn't recommend it, the customer used his own notebook as the test device.

Then after the first reboot of the notebook (because of the agent setup) the problem began: the background of the desktop changed to his old, private background-image/wallpaper. That is an issue because the customer uses an active directory with group policies where, amongst others, the background image is set corporate-wide to the same corporate design image. Even now after days, the customer cannot make out a specific logic. There is no rhythm how the image is set. With every reboot it is a surprise whether the private or the coprorate image is set.

Just to be clear we did not set any policies via ZCM. And to make that problem even more interesting. There is no other AD group policy that isn't working anymore. Only the background image has that issue.

So, why do these group policies behave differently now? Do you know any problems that occur between the agents and active directory group policies? Do they conflict with each other although there are no zenworks policies set? It kind of seems that they fight during the windows login.

Has anyone seen that behaviour?

Thank you.