mrosen;262013 Wrote:
> I've tried to find out - but failed - where, how and why the SLES
> Collector eventually filters out the messages that come from wtmpsetup
> to identify SLES (kernel: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server), because I have
> the strong suspicion that whatever wherever removes those, also
> unintentionally kills almost all other messages containing "kernel",
> *except* those that are included in of the SLES Collector.
> these, and only these (SFW2 related) make it to Sentinel, all other
> messages with the word "kernel" in them don't.
> Anybody?
> Thanks,
> Massimo

You nailed it, and reading the code it looks like instead of sending
unknown kernel messages as unsupported, someone decided to just not send
them at all. Please go ahead and open a ticket with support so we can
get a patch out to you.


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