We have already two instances using GenFIleDriverShim_0.4.jar working
reading from c:\Novell\Remoteloader\lib on Windows 2008 server.
When we make a new Remote Loader instance with new command and
connectoins port and pointing to the shim above we got this error when
we start the instance.

"DirXML Log Events --------------------
Thread = Loader
Level = fatal
Meassage = Unable to create driver:
C:\Novell\Remoteloader\lib\GenFileDriverShim_0.4.j ar
DirXML: [11/03/15 16:49:02.40]: Loader: Loading JVM
DirXML: [11/03/15 16:49:04.80]: Loader: Starting Java loader
DirXML: [11/03/15 16:49:06.21]: TRACE: Remote Loader: Verifying
driver can be loaded...
DirXML: [11/03/15 16:49:06:72]: TRACE: Remote Loader: Driver shim
class C:\Novel\RemoteLoader\lib\GenFileDriverShim_0.4.ja r was not found
DirXML: [11/03/15 16:49:06.72]:
DirXML: Log event ------------------
Thread = Loader
Level = fatal
Message = Unable to create driver:
C:\Novell\RemoteLoader\lib\GenFileDriverShim_0.4.j ar"

I can also mention if I take a fully working instance who is pointed to
this jar file and pointing this instance to for example
com.novell.nds.dirxml.driver.delimitedtext.Delimit edTextDriver start the
instance that will work. And then go back to GenFileDriverShim_0.4.jar
then I can't start it anymore and get the same error message above

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