Good day:
Today, I had a client who received a new Toshiba estudio 257 photocopier firmware version T330HD0W1255. The client requested a network share on OES 11 SP2/SLES 11 SP3 machine with NSS volumes.
I had already set up NSS shares on the machine and CIFS is installed as a protocol. Also set up was a new userid/password for the scan "user".
Lastly, I set the universal password in iManager.

On the Toshiba photocopier setup, we put the following settings:
Remote 1 Allow the following networks folder to be used as a destination
remote setting list - left it blank
protocol SMB
server name blank
port number (command) blank
network path //192.168.x.x\smbsharename\path in my case //192.168.x.x\usr\data\scans really is started with front slashes, but the path is delimited by backslashes

Login username scanner
Password password that was assigned.

Any documents I have seen did not indicate this syntax.

I don't know why its working, but it is.

Hopefully, someone else finds this helpful.