This is more of a "how to" recover the master-key in the IDM 4.5 UserApp
/ Identity Application. I had found references to a configuration file
for older version, but nothing specific to the "current" version 4.5.
Hopefully this information will be useful.

*Problem:* Post-installation, the master-key.txt file was not created in
the "idm/apps/UserApplication" directory. I searched for all files on
the filesystem with a similar name to older XML files that contained it.
It did not seem to have been created and the install logs were not
forthcoming with information other than "Success".

*Solution:* After some searching, I finally checked in the
** file in "*idm/apps/tomcat/conf*"
directory. The master key was in there under the name of

Hopefully this post helps another weary engineer and saves them an hour
searching for it.


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