I have renamed user mailbox ID also user's information was updated as Give name and Last name e.g. it was ASmith (Adam Smith, ASmith@example.com) and after rename account is called old.ASmith (old.Adam old.Smith , visability None),
so in Grouwpise system I have mailbox ID old.ASmith.

Then I created NEW external user called ASmith (Adam Smith, ASmith@example.com, because that must be maintained by another externel server).

Whan I am sending NEW internal e-mail to Adam Smith everything working ok
but when I am reply to OLD messages snet by Adam Smith (before rename) then they appear in old.ASmith mailbox (should be send to ASmith).
Frequent contact was cleaned manually and by unkeep option.
After delete old.ASmith mailbox from Groupwise System everithing working great.

How to keep renamed old.ASmith mailbox (for backup, revert, whatever) and at same time ASmith mailbox as external mailbox and also relpay to OLD messages sent by ASmith would be sent do external user not to renamed mailbox ?

(GroupWise 2012 SP 2 on OES 11 sp1 Sles 11 SP2)