Hi All,

After extensive Testing, SR's created with high priority and no solution
found (And novell back-end replicating the issue), I reported this as a
bug. But... maby there are some smarter people out there that can find a
solution or help me.

Ok, This is the scenario:

The Helpdesk staff need to create users as part of the companies
"take-on" procedure.
RBS Role's should do this for us correct? Yes... what they don't tell
you is that the users that have that specific task assigned as a
membership will suddenly get access to any OES file server path that is
listed inside your tree. (their normal login script will still mount
their personal drive, but if they manually navigate to the Server path,
they have full admin rights on every single file in assistance on that
server...) yes... full admin rights...

The Helpdesk task (and the create user task underneath it) is by default
installed with the iManager Base Plugin and cannot be modified. It is
this plugin that is causing the trouble.

The only solution is to create custom tasks using the Plugin Studio, as
members of them don't seem to inherit the rights as the iManager base
Plugin's does.

Problem: to create my own "create user" task in the plugin studio, seems
to be a nightmare. Not only is there only a short line description in
the manual:
But they reference nothing about the 50+ classes that you can choose
from, and the 100's of attributes allocated to each of the classes.
The "copyfromtemplate" attribute I cannot find which is the basis of the
reason why we want to be able to create users this way.

Please tell me someone has all-ready gone through the process of
creating the same plugin I require, or can help me in the right
direction of creating the plugin.

Much Appreciated,
Christiaan Swanepoel

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