We use Novell ZENworks 11.3.1 (couple of primary and satellite Servers on different sites).
When running a multicast imaging from one of our satellite server:
  • The multicast session is slower than unicast session for imaging up to 20 PCs (size of image = 27GB).
  • It takes 2hours to image 10 PCs from a local satellite server to local clients with 100MB/1GB network connection speed.
  • There is inconsistency when we run multicast session (95 minutes to 125 minutes for imaging 10 PCs).
  • Even though the multicast master server and all clients are connected to a 100MB or a GB switch the Network Resource Monitor is showing 100Mbps not GB.

Does anyone know what to do to improve multicast session?
Does anyone know what to do to keep consistency?
Does anyone know the multicast group IP address ZENworks/Novell use? 231.?.?.?
Is there any special consideration we need to take, when running multicasting from a satellite server?

Any advice to improve our multicast imaging session will be appreciated.