Hi, Is anyone aware of a Novell client setting or extension / standalone program that can perform the reverse of the Advanced Login\Windows Password Synchronization setting, on Windows 7 or above? Anything that worked with vista would also be worth a try...

I'm looking for a client-based solution that happens all on the local machine, I'm aware various Identity Management software suites can do this from a Directory-based (aka server-side) perspective but it doesn't fit the current usage scenario.

What I'm asking for is a Windows to Novell password synchronisation, that is, a process executed on the client when the password is reset with the windows credential provider that will feed the same password reset data to the Novell client, resulting in both the windows and Novell passwords being the same. The windows password reset will be in a domain, however the client machine is the reset initiator and will know the plaintext password.

I would simply go the other way - have the Novell credential provider be presented first, enable the "Windows Password Synchronization" option, and then have both systems kept in synch by having the Novell client as the initiator, but the Operating Environment that has been delivered always presents the Windows Credential Provider first, and the 'Change a Password' option will default to the Windows provider.

As such having the windows-initiated password reset pushed to Novell would be really handy. Perhaps some sort of listener dll that fires off when the client sends the details to the Domain Controller?

Outside the scope of the Novell question, if anyone is aware of a way to do one of the following (or knows where I could search further, haven't found what I'm looking for on Technet yet,) it could also help:
1. Enable password changes, but only via the Novell Credential Provider, without changing the login order (so on first login use Windows, but when ctrl-alt-del + change a password is selected only show or at least default to Novell provider.)
2. Disable resets through certain Credential Providers but not others (superset of the above)

Let me know if I can clarify, I appreciate any help you can give me.

Cheers, Bruno