I have a strange db that only allows me to use a Stored Procedure to add
or modify users.
So I used Geoffs really good coolsolution and got going.
Now I can create and modify users except for adding or updating the
In the db it is stored as a VARBINARY so I thought I needed to reference
this in the document.

What I do is define my JDBC thing as a GCV and then read all my
attributes to variables so my photo ends up in a string variable
varPhoto and then i put that into the GCV in the correct place.

This is what I send:
> <jdbcaram jdbc:sql-type="java.sql.Types.VARBINARY">
> <jdbc:value>R0lGODdhTgBQAKUAAAQCBISChERCRMTCxCQiJ. ... and so on for
> a long time</jdbc:value>
> </jdbcaram>

I suspect I need to do some knd of transformation, but what one?


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