Is it possible to move an AG/IDS cluster config/servers from one Admin
Console to another?

At the time we setup our environment, we had limited servers, so I put
one of our "test" AG/IDS clusters into our Admin Console servers with a
bunch of others.

We have decided it is better to setup a new Admin Console (test) and
move those AG/IDS clusters over to the test system so that "test" can be
100% test.

I'm going to guess that I would have to re-create everything by hand?

Normally this wouldn't be that big of a deal, but the IDS in question
has integration with third party SAML provider, so I believe if I do
that, the metadata configs are going to have to be re-done from scratch?

NAM 4.1.1 BTW.
On Linux.
AG appliance as well

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