Morning All,

Running Forge 11, just ever did workload replications before, our
network is not ready to have IP of the live systems running on the Forge
(DR site) that we are busy with getting inplace, BUT in the meantime we
had a crisis where we had hardware failure of our remedy server, and
thanks to forge we could save the day as the replication was on the
forge device....

Ok so then being the first time we are going to use forge in DR mode, we
thought ok cool we do not have hardware to restore to but we have esxi
running, cool we are going to restore to a esxi host, brilliant, so we
directly started the workload up on fail-back mode so then we could
restore right.......only thing is we are only running the free version
of exi (please dont ask..we are government), so the restore fails as
this is only allowed on licensed version of esxi ....ok now it became a
crisis, from normal backups (arcserve) tried the restore sqldat, setup
new virtual server do installs, but our remedy people could not get this
running, so now the ONLY working copy is the forge workload running in
failback mode, by now we were extremely pressured for time, so we had to
go live with this copy (we changed the dns to the new IP (on the forge
side) so that clients would be able to access the remedy services on
this "new" ip, which by the way works perfect ...

No problem so far yes, only thing is that we did not want to touch the
running copy of the forge device (fail-back version).. because to only
option we saw states "Remove Workload" now this sounded very very very
scary for us, and the users needed to start working so we left it as is,
and they are now working on the remedy workload in fail-back mode, which
is suppose is not to bad, but shouldnt we go back to a fail-over mode ,
and how will i be able to do this now? at least until we do have
hardware/esxi licenses to restore to, then go fail-back again and

By selecting "remove workload" on the running fail-back
workload?.....and then start it up as failover mode?.... i am still very
very scared of losing the workload, because then i WILL be fired!!.. no
questions asked..

Kind Regards,

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