URL http://tinyurl.com/one52z3

Shows the approval info, but does not show the form detail. You can
claim it, but can't see the specifics and can't approve it.

The newer UI through the landing page works just fine.

Chrome shows the error:
https://qasuserapp.us.netiq.com/IDMProv/approvalForm.do?weId=3c4a6f1829dICE.getControl(2) .showComments(%273c4a6f1829dd489aae5c3e13cadf7e73% 27)%22}

JUICE.controls.dashboard.TaskDetailCtrl.showRS @
VM1478:145JUICE.Util._callBack @ UIQuery?js=JUICE.js:3094parseResponse @
UIQuery?js=JUICE.js:2970JUICE.Util._callBack @
UIQuery?js=JUICE.js:3094JUICE.Util.dojoBindHandler @
UIQuery?js=JUICE.js:3084dojo.(anonymous function).handle @
UIQuery?js=JUICE.js:3144(anonymous function) @
UIQuery?js=dojo/dojo.js:3397func @
UIQuery?js=dojo/dojo.js:1063dojo.extend._fire @
UIQuery?js=dojo/dojo.js:1083dojo.extend._resback @
UIQuery?js=dojo/dojo.js:1020dojo.extend.callback @
UIQuery?js=dojo/dojo.js:1031_4ab @ UIQuery?js=dojo/dojo.js:3506func @
UIQuery?js=dojo/dojo.js:3438_49a @ UIQuery?js=dojo/dojo.js:3456

The customer is using ACE to front end the site. Workflows work fine
with the work flow process but all approvals have to be done through the
/landing page or /dash (new UI HPD)

As we are doing port translation from 443 to a high port, we have the
SSO for RBPM set to https://<DNS>:443/.... Everything appears to be
working with the OSP. So not sure if it OSP related. I increased the
seconds from 120 to 2000 for the token and change the SAML timeout to

catalina.out and localhost don't appear to generate anything at the time
of attempting to access the form.

Any further ideas on what to try?


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