I have SLES11 SP1/OES 11 on one of my servers and I am trying to migrate data to it from an older server using the Novell Migration Tool on the destination server. I am getting errors with nbackup and it saying it is not a valid path and such. I have another server (SLES11 SP3/OES11 SP2) that I can migrate the same data to just fine. I did notice that the Novell Migration Tool in this server looks different and is a new version. So, I looked at the updates and found that one of the fixes in the later version is an nbackup fix with my issue. I am not able to update the first server at this time to the latest SLES/OES, so I was wondering if I download all of the latest novell-migration rpms (i.e. gui, etc....) and install them on this server will they cause any issues since it is not the latest SLES/OES?

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