What I have ist a Squid proxy in DMZ with offcial certificate.
If I have the proxy running on port 80 proxying to gwserver_ip port 80 nearly all is fine if I proxy port 443 to server_ip port 80 too.

But I always come to the server welcome page, to come to webacces if have to open https://proxy_ip/gw/webacc, what no so fine as I do not want that externals can access the welcome page anyway. I went throu all relevant threads here, search on the internet but found no working solution. Solutions I can imaging are:

1. running webaccess on a second IP address directing direct to /gw/webacc done by a vhost, but have no idea to do that for tomcat Has anyone done this and can give me sample config files

2. learning squid to direct to server_ip/gw/webacc instead only to server_ip, spent hours but wasn't successful

Needhelp please