Been playing with the 8A version of the Generic Text driver in
development the last couple of days. It's working quite nicely, except
for one little glitch.

It will not write the output file unless I restart the driver.

I've tried different Subscriber Channel combinations of the "Max
Number", "Max Age", and "Close after" variables to no avail. I haven't
tried the "Cron" string option yet. They are currently set as;

<newFile_MaxRecords display-name="Maximum number of data records
in a file:">0</newFile_MaxRecords>
<newFile_MaxFileAge display-name="Maximum 'age' of a file (in
<newFile_InactiveSaveInterval display-name="Close file after nnn
seconds of inactivity:">0</newFile_InactiveSaveInterval>

I do see in the WIP location the output file with Zero bites. In the
log file I can see the "heartbeat" triggering every 60 seconds. The
Publisher Channel is disabled.

Appreciate any suggestions on where to look from here? Is there a
certain area in the log file I can look to figure out what's going on?

Many thanks,


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