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Thread: A bit confused. GMS does not accept login

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    Exclamation A bit confused. GMS does not accept login

    Hi Guys

    I'm looking into moving my VM's to another server.
    As part of that, I've had the servers shutdown on and off, trying to get vSphere to export to an OVA file.
    Now, I've restarted the GW system, and all hell breaks loose.

    Certificate is expired (SSLCertificateDNS and SSLCertificateIP), renewed via iManager.
    namconfig -k has been run.

    GroupWise is now running again, and it looks ok.
    I can connect via a client, and also via webmail, mail gets processed as it should.

    The problem is now with the GMS.

    All the users are marked as failed.

    I can login to the GMS with my own user credentials, as well as root (but not admin).

    I can see the port 443 URL if I access it via a browser (getting a 403 error).

    I've tried using the MCheck script. It detects no errors with the system.

    But when I check my user it says failed for everything, and do I want to reinit the user.
    I've already reinited the user?
    I can see the SOAP logins coming from the GMS on the PO.

    What on earth is going on?

    Btw. GW 2014SP1, GMS 2.1.0 B230
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