I have an IDM 4.5.2 IDM running on Windows Server 2012 R2.

I am trying out the new Multi Domain Active Directory driver.

So according to the documentation I have to extend the schema manually
with the DirXML-MDADContext and DirXML-MDADAliasName. These are
contained in the dvr_ext.sch file, which comes with the IDM 4.5.2 patch.
I have looked in the file, and the attributes are present.

MDAD documentation: http://tinyurl.com/pomvoz9
Schema extension guide for Windows: http://tinyurl.com/nbjrplr

When running the schema extension command, nothing happens, I run:

D:\Novell\NDS\schemaStart.bat "D:\Novell\NDS" yes ".cn=admin.o=top.T=IDVTREE." "n" yes 6 " ""D:\Novell\NDS\dvr_ext.sch" ".CN=idv01.OU=idv01.OU=system.O=top.T=IDVTREE. " "D:\Novell\NDS\DIBFiles"

I get nothing outputted in the cmd. I did run cmd as administrator. When
looking in the SchemaExtend file, which the parameters for the extension
is placed, I see:


arg1 = NDSI_INSTALL_PATH = D:\Novell\NDS
arg2 = DSI_NEW_TREE = yes
arg3 = DSI_USER_NAME = .cn=admin.o=top.T=IDVTREE.
arg5 = DSI_MAKE_SERVICE = yes
arg8 = DSI_SCHEMA = D:\Novell\NDS\dvr_ext.sch
arg9 = DSI_SERVER_NAME = .CN=idv01.OU=idv01.OU=system.O=top.T=IDVTREE.
arg10 = DSI_DIB_PATH= D:\Novell\NDS\DIBFiles
START /b /DD:\Novell\NDS D:\Novell\NDS\dhost /DataDir=D:\Novell\NDS\DIBFiles install
Return code is 0 (errorlevel=0)
DHost started successfully.


So it looks like it went through. But, the schema is not extended. The
attributes are nowhere to be found. Cycling eDirectory does nothing.

What am I doing wrong?


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