I am having an issue trying to make an app not show in the launcher unless
the previous version is not present. ZCM11.3.2ftf1. The scenario is I am
pushing out an upgrade of an app via MSI. the upgrade requires that the
previous version be uninstalled first. No problem there. I want the new
version to only display in the app launcher if the old version is not
present. My method for doing this was to add a requirements line that uses
file version. so I have " [file version] [C:\Program Files (x86)\Kurzweil
Educational Systems\Kurzweil 3000\kurzweil 3000.exe] [11.0.3156.35311] no
matter what variable I use <>, <=, < the app shows up. the version I have
here is the version of the exe of the older app. In the zen 7 days I would
have an extra setting with this which was a yes or no to display the app. So
say display app if this file version exits "yes". Or display this app if
this file version exists "no". But this does not seem to be an option in ZCM
that I can find. any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks.