This forum is dedicated to all things Sentinel, both the full Enterprise
solution and our Log Management solution.

If you have questions about the product, how to use it, tips, tricks, or
suggestions post here and the community may provide just the answer you
are looking for. Also please respond to your peers if you know the

Note that if you specifically have questions about the Plug-in SDK and
creating Collectors, Actions, Reports, Solutions Packs, Feeds, and so on
then there's ' a separate forum for those kinds of nuts-and-bolts

If you want support above and beyond what you can get from this forum
then you should 'contact our friendly Technical Support team'
( and they'll
do their best to help.

Last but not least, the Sentinel team maintains a newsletter in which we
announce new releases (both for the product and for plug-ins) plus
various tips and tricks. We recommend that all customers and partners
subscribe so you can be "in the know." To do so, 'visit our Plug-in
Download site' ( and
click on "Sentinel Plug-in Notifications" in the little toolbar in the
upper right. Enjoy!

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