I am trying to set up an autodiscover record for connecting mobile devices to my mobility server. I've followed the instructions in the Mobility server documentation to create the CNAME and SRV record on our external DNS server, now I'm trying to do the same thing for our internal DNS server hosted on our OES servers.

Using the DNS/DHCP Management Console, I created the autodiscover CNAME, but when I am trying to create the _autodiscover._tcp record I am lost because of the dropdown box options. I selected that I want to make a SRV record but the first box defaults to FTP service. When I use the dropdown box there is no option for _autodiscover, is this something that I can just key in? If not what should I do?

I would like to add this entry because my staff WiFi network points back to my network DNS servers. My understanding is that I need to make these records on both the internal and external servers since the DNS names reference different addresses depending if they are on the internal networks of on public networks.