2008 AD Domain
Windows Server 2008 R2
DRA 8.6 SP2
Full Account Refresh - Interval: 4 Hours
Incremental Refresh - Interval: 15 Minutes - Every 1 minute attempt

I have secondary server in my MMS that is at a remote site that is used
by the clients there to access DRA. There local DC is currently running
Windows Server 2012 R2 and it seems I am unable to get it to work while
it is directed at this DC.

So I have had to point DRA to another remote DC at another site
(Shortest path and lowest latency confirmed by Infrastructure Engineer).
However, the Incremental Account Cache Refreshes continue to fail so a
Full refresh is triggered. Also, the Resource Cache Refreshes are
currently failing and below are the Event Log ID and Errors I am
receiving right now:

> Level Date Source Event ID Task Category
> Error XXXX MCSAdminSvc 14081 AcctProvDomain
> General
> Domain x.x.com (Managed,AD) (Scheduled incremental accounts cache
> refresh) began at YYYY-MM-DD 05:26:00 and ended at YYYY-MM-DD 05:27:26,
> contents unsuccessfully loaded hr=c004370b=(Because of the number of
> changes in Active Directory, DRA will perform a full accounts cache
> refresh instead of the scheduled incremental accounts cache refresh.
> After a full refresh, DRA will continue performing scheduled incremental
> cache refreshes for this domain) The Administration server did not
> successfully update the accounts cache. The cache may not contain all
> recent changes.

I found a previous article stating that rebuilding the DomFiles should
fix this, but after attempting this the server works after a early
morning full refresh and seems fine, but anything after that in
continues to try and do full refreshes. I am assuming because nothing is
changing in AD/DRA at those hours.

Secondly my Resource Cache Refreshes seem to continue to fail and below
is the error I am getting in the Event Log:

> Level Date Source Event ID Task Category
> Error XXXX MCSAdminSvc 14625 ResourceCacheRefresh
> General
> The resource cache for domain DC=*,DC=*,DC=* was not successfully
> refreshed.

So my question is can anyone give me any ideas on what would cause this,
and a fix action? Currently going to change the attempt time as well to
see if this will allow the Incremental to work, but I am not sure that
will fix the issue.

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