SLES 11 SP3, GMS 2.1.0 build 230

user ID, groupwise ID, and Unique ID all identical
using LDAP auth and provisioning.

258 users, all but one currently working OK. Her iPhone says "cant validate server info". In fact any phone, even tried with an Android phone, will give similar message. Here is what I've done.

Removed user from the group

Once gone, clean user database references with DSAPP 2.25

Restart GMS services with RCGMS stop, followed by RCGMS start

Ran GWCHECK with Structure/index/fix problems
Ran GWCHECK with Contents/Collect stats/Attachment file check/Fix problems/Update User disk space totals
Ran GWCHECK with Structural rebuild

waited at least 10 minutes for things to settle

Re-added user.

Same issue.

Something is up with this persons account. I don't know what!
these steps haven't failed me in the past. what am I doing wrong?