During the installation of Vibe 4 (HP4) on Linux (SLES 12), if the vibe data path is an NFS and if this resource is set as root_squash (in the NFS server), the installer fails, since the installer needs to change the owner and group of files and directories that will write, thus NFS must be configured as no_root_squash.

__________________________________________________ ___________
Installer exiting: chown: changing ownership of ‘/data/conf’: Invalid argument
chown: changing ownership of ‘/data/conf’: Invalid argument
while executing
"exec chown $chownId [file join $fsRoot conf]"
(procedure "applySettings" line 1549)
invoked from within
(procedure "installSequence" line 60)
invoked from within
__________________________________________________ ___________

If NFS is configured as no_root_squash, the installer works correctly, but the documentation does not specify anything about it.
The documentation neither mention anything about the user and group that is entered during installation must also exist in the NFS server, and must match the UID and GUI user and group both on the server where you are installing vibe as on the NFS server.

I want to know if, after completing installation of the NFS can be re-configured as root_squash, and all work well.

Diego Farķas.
Assertiva S.A.
Mendoza, Argentina