Trying to configure an SMB Share on my new OES 2015 server, I'm using an NSS volume for the Samba share.

/media/nss/DATA1/ -Share name is called SMB

Followed the documentation

when I checked if my testing user was LUM enabled I did see a positive response from the "id" command

"id testsmb" uid=602 gid=602(oes2015smb-w-sambausergroup) group=602 (oes2015smb-w-sambausergroup)

In the /var/log/messages I did see the following canonicalize_connect_path failed for service testsmb, path /home/testsmb (I did not add a home directory so I assume that is the error message)

When trying to connect from the Windows 7 machine I try to map R: \\\SMB - I'm presented with the network password field I add in the eDirectory user name = testsmb and the password hitting "ok"and I get R:\ is not accessible - Access is denied

any thoughts?