Hi all,

anyone ever tried to catch the "Sizelimit Exceeded" exceeded exception
on a DAL Query?


I use Wolfgangs explanation on http://tinyurl.com/nz8tcn8 to define a
custom search form.
I try, for performance reasons, to limit the search results on the query
to 100.
This throws an LDAP exception if the search limit is reached nested
within an VirtualDataSizeLimitException.
The server log nicely displays " Error performing query: number of
results found exceeds the search size limit. Narrow the scope of the
search or increase the search size limit."
But the UI shows the very useful error "Script error in

I basically want to show a user-friendly error message in the UI.

As in Wolfgangs example, I do already have a try/catch around the
globalQuery statement, but the catch is never executed. If I add a
'finally' statement, that is always executed regardsless of the outcome
of the query. It seems that the exception/error is somehow handled



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