I'm working with a zone with two primaries/nine satellites on 11.2.3 (non-a release). Both primaries are SLES 11.2, but one is 32-bit and also the first primary with the CA/cert. Database is external MS SQL 2008 R2 (SP1).

I plan to migrate the first primary to a new 64-bit SLES server using the documented server migration process.

Question 1: Will the server migration utility cleanly migrate the CA/cert to the new server as well? The new server will truly assume the identity and all roles of the old server?

Question 2: The first primary should be updated to ZCM 11.3 last, correct? I seem to recall reading that somewhere.

Question 3: What is the best way to get the primaries to SLES 11.3?

A) new SLES 11.2 64-bit build for server migration, migrate/upgrade zone to ZCM 11.3, update to SLES 11.3?


B) update zone to ZCM 11.2.4, new SLES 11.3 64-bit build for server migration, migrate/upgrade to ZCM 11.3

I'm leaning towards A as it seems the cleanest path to ZCM 11.3 with less mucking about with ZCM updates and the database. As long as the SLES 11.3 update process doesn't break ZCM 11.3 in any way.