I'm trying to upgrade my ZCM 11.3.2 running on SLES 11sp3, to ZENworks 11SP4. The installer says it completed the installation of ZENworks 11SP4 but errors occurred. Looking at the ZENworks_Upgrade.xml log it shows the ERROR: Unable to create assignment for this device. The server never upgrades to ZCM 11SP4. I have to restart the Zenworks services on the server and it operates like normal but it's still 11.3.2.

If I try to run it again, it says that the update is either currently running or was abnormally terminated and ask if I want to continue. Choosing to continue yields the same result.

I'm running the update from the DVD media at the server and IPV6 has been disabled.

Any ideas what would cause the "Unable to create assignment for this device error"?

What other log files would be helpful to see?

Thanks in advance,