We have a Microsoft Surface running Windows 10. It has 32-bit office installed. We are having problems launching GW 2012.3 client. It gives an error as soon as you enter your password that GroupWise 2012 has stopped working and the option is "close program". You can relaunch the client and enter the password and the program will run normally. If you close the client and reopen again it repeats the error after the password is entered. The pattern repeats. It will run every other time it is launched. We uninstalled and then began by putting the GW 7.3 client on it and it ran normally everytime. We then upgraded to GW 8.3 and it still ran normally. It is after upgrading to 2012.3 that it starts having the problem. We have other Windows 10 laptops that it runs on without issue. Does anyone know of any issues with the Microsoft Surface?