Its the holiday season and this time of year my office shuts down from Christmas through the New Year, and at that time I put a process in place for my call centers which allow leaving "emergency" messages to an attendant that is on call where an email notification is sent to a dedicated account which has a rule that then sends an email to text message to whoever is on call. This process may be clunky, but it works. Unfortunately, due to our signature, where what should be only a single text message ends up coming across as 3-4 messages which I'd like to fix.

The email account that processes and sends the email to text notification is a dedicated account that exists only for this purpose. I've gone through the GW documentation and found that I should be able to select the mailbox, go to Client Options, Send, Global Signature and change the Global Signature to "None." I have done this and my test messages are still including my organization's full global signature. After applying the change I did also click the Synchronize button in the GW console (after confirming and saving the change) but it still includes the signature. Any ideas as to what else I can do to remove the global signature for only this account? Thanks!