Hi, I`m from germany, and at first I will be say sorry for my english.

we have setup a vibe-server in our company, so far so good

The site styling is set up and all is nice, but now we want to change samething on the Wiki-page, and the link will be detroyed, for example if I insert the link

https://<server name>//dave/ff808082504b9c3a01505ffcf2600172/Agda_neu.pdf%22

in the box to insert links, after I click OK, the link wich is insert is

https://<server name>/ssf/a/%22https://<server name>/dave/ff808082504b9c3a01505ffcf2600172/Agda_neu.pdf%22

pictures will be gone after klicking OK, whitout touching them, and wher the picture was, ther is "

we use vibe 4.0 on a SUSE Linux Enterprice Server 11 and we installed Kaspersky as antivirus, if you need more informations, please ask.

have anybody an idea what my problem is on my vibe site